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Nissan was founded in 1911 as Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works. In 1914, the company produced its first car, called the DAT. Nissan's first export was to the United States in 1958.

Nissan is known for its innovation. The company was an early adopter of electric vehicles and is now a leader in that market. Nissan is also known for its performance vehicles. The GT-R, for example, is a high-performance sports car that has won multiple awards. Other popular cars produced by Nissan include the Altima, the Maxima and the Murano.

Today, Nissan is one of the world’s leading automakers, with a global footprint that spans six continents. The company has manufacturing facilities in over 20 countries, and sells its vehicles in over 160 markets around the world. Nissan’s commitment to innovation and its global reach are two of the key factors that have made the company a success. With a strong foundation in place, Nissan is well-positioned to continue its tradition of innovation and success in the years to come.