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Cars sold to Clutch (and counting)

"I was planning to sell my mother's car and after hearing about Clutch from a family member who recently bought a car from them, I figured I would check them out. I personally didn't want to go the private sale route given the hassle. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was and appreciated the fact they didn't low ball me like the other dealerships I had been to. I was paid for the vehicle by the next business day. It's nice to have another option out there and would highly recommend Clutch to anyone."

Tara B.
Dutch Settlement, NS
5 days ago
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five stars

"Clutch was super easy to deal with. It made selling my car go smoothly. Definitely recommend."

Yvonne C.
Head of Chezzetcook, NS
8 days ago
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five stars

"Offered $3000 more than the dealership ($7.5k vs $10.5k). Pick-up was hassle free, funds received within 3 days. Would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to sell."

Ali Q.
Burlington, ON
21 days ago
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five stars

"Calling Clutch made me an extra $7500 on my trade. My neighbors in the USA all use Carvana or Vroom so when my dealer tried to low ball me on my trade I thought I would try It couldn't have been easier to sell them my car. I scored an extra $7500 over the stealership offering! NICE!"

Robert H.
Cochrane, AB
21 days ago
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five stars

"Never thought I would do business this way but the process was very thorough, professional and laid back. Brayden was fair with his assessment of our vehicle and we were in and out in 10-15 minutes, car sold. About 12 hours later the money was in our account."

Rudy Z.
Halifax, NS
22 days ago
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five stars

"I was quite happy with selling my car. A fair offer was made to me which I accepted. The money was in my account in 1 business day. The folks that work here are friendly and easy to deal with."

Dave C.
Springwater, ON
a month ago
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five stars

"It was so fast. They received my car Sunday, I received my money Monday, and they paid my loan Wednesday. Less than one week."

Sergio D.
East Gwillimbury, ON
a month ago
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five stars

"Super easy and quick experience! I sold my car to Clutch and they did all the work. So much easier to sell your car this way, would definitely recommend!"

Haylee H.
Hagersville, ON
a month ago
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five stars

"Clutch is a super easy way to sell your car. They paid me more than any dealership had offered me. Money was deposited in my bank three business days after my appointment. Highly recommend Clutch!!!"

Brenda C.
Pontypool, ON
a month ago
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five stars

"Great experience with selling my vehicle to Clutch. Got the price I was quoted as promised, and an extra $200 for dropping my vehicle to their location. One of the most competitive pricing you will receive if you are selling your vehicle and it is just a much more comfortable experience than selling it to an individual. Money was transferred to my account within 24 hours. Just a great seamless experience overall. Would recommend to anybody who is considering selling their vehicle."

Keefe C.
Markham, ON
a month ago
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five stars

Trade in and save

Save your money

Apply the value of your current ride towards the next one to reduce the sales tax that goes with it.

Save your time

We’ll drop off your new car while picking up your old one—all at the same time.

Save your stress

Shop thousands of high-quality cars and enjoy our 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Accepting car keys


Why sell to Clutch?

We take pride in delivering an incredible experience by paying customers the exact value they were quoted online -- in fact 96% of our customers would strongly recommend selling to Clutch.

Our offers are benchmarked against current retail and wholesale values. Payment is fast, and the entire process can be completed in as little as 48 hours. There are no test drives required, there is no haggling or driveway negotiations, and payment is guaranteed to you and your lienholder (if applicable).

If you find a car you like on the Clutch website and checkout with it, we will automatically update your offer to be a trade-in. Your offer value will stay the same.

Once you schedule your pick-up, one of our team members will be in touch to let you know what to expect. You’ll want to remove personal belongings, remove your licence plate, and gather all sets of keys. Our field specialist will also conduct a final inspection to confirm the vehicle is as described.

At Clutch, we are proud to give firm offers online in over 95% of cases. In rare situations where significant damage or other issues with your car have not been fully or accurately disclosed, further inspection may affect your offer. Minor dents and scratches are no big deal, but missing bumpers and smashed windshields (if not disclosed) will require a driveway adjustment.

If you're not sure about whether damage on your vehicle might change your offer, simply take a few pictures and send them to, we'll let you know if there is an adjustment required. In any case, if you're not happy with an adjustment made, you can walk away without penalty at any point in the Clutch process.

Although we will accept any drivable car on trade, there are certain vehicles we are unable to purchase at this time. It could be out of our price range or it could be a vehicle we are not able to sell on our website. Certain vehicles that have costly repairs or extensive damage we are also unable to purchase.

If you have a loan on the car that you're selling, Clutch will pay off the loan and deduct it from the value of our offer. Loans can take 3-10 business days to be processed, depending on the lender.

Payments are made via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Money will show up in your bank account 1-3 business days after the transaction is complete. EFT is the only payment method offered.

Yes, we allow a 2,500 km variance in mileage with no change to your offer. If you have a larger variance, please submit a new appraisal.

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