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The Clutch Protection Plan

Protect your investment with extended warranty and protection. The First Canadian Protection Products™ will extend that coverage, so you can drive your vehicle without having to worry.

In addition, the Clutch Protection Plan has got your wheels covered. It lasts for the duration of your plan and insures you against road hazards such as nails, debris, glass, and potholes.

Extended Parts coverage

Air conditioning
Heating and cooling
Fuel system
Emission system
Rental expenses
Roadside assistance

Tires & Rim Unlimited KM Coverage

Repair or replace damaged tire or rim
All related taxes & levies
No deductible
Mounting, balancing, and installation
Covers all tires and rims purchased for the car, not just the ones on it (winters included)

The Clutch Protection Plan FAQ

What if the vehicle I’m interested in still has manufacturer warranty remaining?

You can extend the remaining manufacturer warranty to a longer term (mileage and time) with First Canadian.

They are the largest provider of aftermarket warranties in Canada. Their products are valid across North America, and they act as their own underwriter.

Almost all mechanic shops in the region perform repairs for First Canadian warranties.

Yes, there is a $100 deductible.

Yes, it can be found here.

Yes, if you would like to transfer your warranty, contact First Canadian at 1-800-561-3242 and they will be happy to assist you.

Yes, take it to a mechanic shop and phone First Canadian at 1-800-561-3242. They will provide a card number over the phone. Keep your receipt for proof of the work completed.

Yes, roadside assistance is included free of charge for the term of your warranty.

If your car has to be in the shop for more than 24hr, you will qualify for a free rental car for the duration of the repairs.

GAP Insurance

In the event of a vehicle write-off or theft, GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) insurance will cover the difference between the amount from your insurance company payout and the remaining amount you owe on your vehicle loan, including any deficit brought over from a previous loan.

The insurance company only pays for their appraised value of your vehicle. Frequently, this doesn’t cover the remainder of the loan.

GAP Insurance FAQ

If my vehicle is written-off, how do I make a claim?

GAP claims can be a stressful experience, luckily we’re here to help. Please call Clutch at (902) 800-8042 and we will be happy to assist you.

On top of your insurance payout, GAP can cover up to an additional $40,000. This amount depends on a variety of factors such as the length of your loan and the amount financed.

Undercoat Protection

Worried about rust? Our protection is a one-time spray application that seals out moisture and protects against road salt.

10 year guarantee on current model year vehicles
6 year guarantee on older models
One-time application
Wax based and clear
No drilling required
Guarantee transfers if vehicle is sold

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