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How does Clutch work?

With Clutch you can buy, sell or finance your next car 100% online. Once you find a car you like, just click Get Started to reserve it for 72 hours. A Clutch Customer Advisor will help you to finalize the paperwork online and arrange delivery to your home. After delivery, you have a 10 day Full Money-Back Guarantee period. If you change your mind during those 10 days, we'll pick the car up for free.

Each of our cars pass a detailed 210-point inspection process to earn our Clutch certified standard. Our cars have clean titles and no reported fire, frame, or flood damage. We stand behind our quality by offering a complimentary 90-day/6,000km Limited Warranty on every single car that is purchased through our online checkout.

[Toronto] No, there are no extra fees. The price you see is the price you pay (plus tax of course).
[Halifax] Yes, we have a $899 Car Prep fee. This is disclosed in the pricing section for every vehicle on our website.

We source our vehicles a variety of ways: auctions, trade-ins, partnered manufacturers and customers who sell their vehicle to Clutch. Those vehicles are rigorously inspected to ensure they meet our high standards.

With Clutch, you can trust that we have your best interests in mind. If you value convenience and guaranteed quality through our 10-day Money Back Guarantee, we think you will prefer us to traditional dealerships or buying privately.

Our business model is based on selling vehicles quickly, and this requires pricing them competitively. We do this by removing overhead costs associated with the traditional dealership model such as having expensive vehicle showrooms and commissioned salespeople.


We work with many of Canada's largest financial institutions to help every customer obtain the best financing rate possible for their vehicle. Four main factors determine whether or not you get approved for a loan. The four main factors include Credit History, Down Payment, Application Information, and Vehicle Selection. Since your loan is with one of our financial institution partners, we cannot guarantee whether or not you'll get approved but we always do our best to get the best outcome for our customers.

Applying is an easy and completely online process. Click the Apply for financing button on any vehicle and you'll be guided through all the steps. After you’ve completed your application, we send it to our credit team who will review and be in touch if there is any more information required before we submit it to our partner banks.

Each time you submit a credit application, it will slightly affect your credit score by a few points for a short period of time.

Gross income should be your total monthly or yearly income before any taxes are deducted. This amount is higher than your ‘net pay’ or ‘take home’ pay.

If you are paying a mortgage, please select ‘buying home’ and input your mortgage amount without property tax.

Your SIN is not mandatory; however, it can help move your application along faster. It allows the bank to pull your credit history more efficiently. Often, if you do not enter your SIN, the bank may come back and ask for it since their initial pull might not be able to locate your credit history.

Auto loans are ‘open-ended’ loans that can be paid off at any time without penalty. You are also free to put as much money down on the loan as you’d like. You can also call the bank and ask them to increase your payments to any amount to pay off your loan faster. However, you are not able to have your payments reduced.

Interest is calculated on a per payment basis. This means if you pay the loan off early you will not be charged the remaining interest. For example, if you are on a 60 month loan and you pay it off in full at 36 months, you would save 24 months worth of interest. Note: If you decide to place extra money down on the loan after you take possession of the car, it will not lower your payment, it will shorten the length of the term of the loan.

Payments will either be 7, 14 or 30 days after delivery based on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments. You can change your payment date by contacting the lender after your first payment.

Your loan does not need to be through the same bank as your personal bank account. However, you will need to provide a void cheque or a direct deposit form for the account you want your automatic payments to be withdrawn from. Note: You cannot have payments come from a credit card account.

If your personal banking and auto loan are with different banks, you can call the bank the loan is with and have them transfer money over the phone. The bank is also able to provide the payout amount and any other details you may require over the phone. If your personal banking is through the same bank as the auto loan, you will be able to view the loan through your online banking portal and pay it down online.

If you are bringing over debt from a previous car loan onto your new loan, it will be rolled into the total amount financed and added to your payments. When your new loan is paid off, it will also pay off your previous loan amount. When you bring over previous debt, we as the dealer will pay off the total amount of your previous car loan. You will not have anymore payments withdrawn from that loan. The remaining balance is added to your new loan.

This is common if you have a previous car payment scheduled to come out within a few days of taking possession of your new vehicle and loan. Do not be alarmed! We always tell customers to be prepared for a possible payment to be withdrawn for their previous loan as it can take banks up to 10 business days to pay off the previous loan once the cheque is received. If a payment does come out, you will be reimbursed. Once the bank receives the funds, they will be ‘overfunded’, whereby the difference will be deposited back into your account.

The minimum amount a bank can finance is $7,500 after taxes. If the amount is below this, banks are not able to finance a contract. However, after the vehicle is financed, you can put money down on the loan.

The PPSA fee is a fee that is imposed by the bank, not Clutch. It is the bank’s registration fee for the contract. The amount varies depending on the bank and the term of the loan - it usually ranges from $55 - $170.

When we bring the vehicle and contract out to your home, the following items are required:
- Void cheque or direct deposit form for the bank account you want your payments to come out from
- Copy of your new insurance faxed or emailed to us with the loan holder indicated on it
- A valid driver’s license

If you are new to Canada and do not have established credit, you may qualify for one of the special programs our lenders have made for people in this situation. You must have a working permit or have been given permanent residency in order to qualify for these types of loans. Unfortunately, students do not qualify for these loans. There are also requirements for these types of loans, such as proof of income and employment, copy of permanent residency card or working permit, a 10%-25% cash down payment for the full price of the vehicle after all taxes and fees, etc.
If you are unemployed and new to Canada you are not eligible for this type of loan.
If you are unemployed but are Canadian or have been in Canada for a long time (2+ years) you may still qualify for a loan as long as you have proof of income such as Employment Insurance, disability income, pension income and/or child and/or spousal support, etc.

Credit approvals usually come back with a decision within 24 hours. However, this sometimes varies based on credit history and score. If a customer does not have excellent or good credit, approvals can sometimes take a few days to a week for a final decision and the lender may ask for additional information i.e. proof of income/employment, a qualified co-signer, cash down payment, etc.

If you have a trade-in, we will give you a trade-in value for your current vehicle. Your trade-in value is then applied to the purchase price of your new vehicle, prior to tax, so you also save the trade-in amount/value in tax as well. If you still owe money on the loan for your current vehicle, we can apply the negative equity amount to the new loan and refinance whatever amount is left.

Sell or Trade

Yes we do! You’re able to get an estimated value for your trade-in at this link. Estimates are not always accurate. We’ll provide you with your final trade-in value during an in-person appointment.

Our vehicle estimator tool is there to give you an estimate for the value of your car. Every car is a bit different and physical condition can play a big role in your car’s final value. Because of this, if you’re interested in firming up your estimate, we’re able to provide a final valuation after an in-person appointment. Keep in mind your final value could go up, down, or stay the same as your initial estimate!

We include Carfax reports, safety certification, and reconditioning on all of the vehicles we sell, so those costs will be built into the quote we offer. Also, we generally sell newer cars that have no damages and low mileage; we will have to wholesale older, high-mileage vehicles, which tends to fetch a much lower price.


We offer limited cross-province purchasing and shipping. If you are located in Alberta or British Columbia you can purchase and have a car shipped to and from either province. If you are located in Nova Scotia you can purchase and have a car shipped from Ontario.

We don't negotiate on pricing; our vehicles are priced as competitively as possible and we don't add on any fees that are not shown in the price breakdown on our website.

Yes. You will need to have proof of insurance for your new car at the time of your delivery or pickup. You can have the date of the policy to take effect the date of your appointment. You can either print off the proof of insurance, show it to us on your smartphone, or email it to us in advance. If your new car is not insured, we will not be able to complete the delivery.

Yes! All Clutch cars come with a 10-day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide you don't like the car during those first 10 days, just give us a call to set up a return or exchange. You will be refunded the price you paid for the vehicle, excluding the shipping/delivery fee (if applicable).

To return or exchange your vehicle, you must let us know prior to 5 p.m. EST on the 10th calendar day after receiving your vehicle. We cannot accept a return if the car has been modified, in an accident or damaged, altered from the condition it was delivered in or had a lien or other encumbrance put on the vehicle (other than financing arranged through Clutch.) Additionally, if you drive the vehicle over 750km, for every additional kilometer you will be charged a fee of $1.00 per km. If you choose to exchange, you can receive up to three vehicles. However, the third vehicle will NOT come with our 10-Day Money Back Guarantee. Day 1 of your 10-Day Money Back Guarantee begins when you accept the vehicle at delivery, regardless of time of day.


In the event of a vehicle write-off or theft, GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) insurance will cover the difference between the amount from your insurance company payout and the remaining amount you owe on your vehicle loan, including any deficit brought over from a previous loan.

The pricing for warranties vary widely based on the vehicle in question. To see the pricing for a particular vehicle navigate to the ”Pricing” tab on the vehicle page. Click “See Coverage” in the row labeled “Protection plan”. You will see a list of products and pricing for each in the window that pops up on the screen.


After you purchase a car, our Advisor team will work with you to coordinate delivery. Likewise, if you’re financing your new vehicle, a Credit Manager will contact you to ensure you’re getting the best rate possible and to lock down your payments. A member of our Concierge team will reach out a couple hours prior to your scheduled delivery to confirm the details. At delivery, your Concierge will bring all necessary paperwork to be signed which starts your 10 Day Money Back Guarantee! PS. We like to take photos of our customers with their new Clutch car so we hope you’re ready to show off your new purchase :)

Yes! All parties involved in the purchase will need to be present at the time of the delivery or pickup.

Toronto: When we deliver the car to your driveway, your new vehicle will already be registered and plated. You will be responsible for alerting our team which name(s) the vehicle will be registered under and providing us with an updated insurance policy as soon as possible. Our default is to get new plates, so if you have plates you would like to reuse please let us know.
Halifax: Registrations are mailed out within 5-10 business days of delivery; in cases where a customer doesn’t have an existing license plate to transfer over to the vehicle, we’ll provide a temporary permit good for 30 days to allow time for the customer to obtain plates for their new vehicle. If a customer does have an existing plate, there is a 30-day grace period before the plate has to be transferred over!

Please give our team a call and we will help guide you to submit photos of the cosmetic concern. The Clutch Repair Team will review cosmetic concerns sent within your 10-Day Money Back Guarantee. Please note, if the cosmetic concerns are within our standards, we will not be able to provide compensation.


You can extend the remaining manufacturer warranty to a longer term (mileage and time) with First Canadian.

They are the largest provider of aftermarket warranties in Canada. Their products are valid across North America, and they act as their own underwriter.

Almost all mechanic shops in North America perform repairs for First Canadian warranties.

Yes, there is a $100 deductible.

Yes it can be found here.

Yes, if you would like to transfer your warranty, contact First Canadian at 1-800-561-3242 and they will be happy to assist you.

Yes, take it to a mechanic shop and phone First Canadian at 1-800-561-3242. They will provide a card number over the phone. Keep your receipt for proof of the work completed.

Yes, roadside assistance is included free of charge for the term of your warranty.

If your car has to be in the shop for more than 24hr, you will qualify for a free rental car for the duration of the repairs.

Only genuine parts straight from your vehicle's manufacturer will be used if your vehicle requires repairs.


Yes, Clutch was designed to facilitate transactions entirely online. Simply click 'Hold this Car' or 'Book a Delivery'. We'll be in touch with next steps.

Whether you choose to take delivery at a Clutch facility or at home, it will be 'touchless'. Any paperwork that requires your signature will be left in your freshly disinfected vehicle. No need to shake hands or interact with anyone in person. Social distancing at its finest!

The health of our community at large is the highest priority during this time of uncertainty. All Clutch employees that are able are currently serving our customers from home, and those in the field are taking extra precautions based on the guidance of Health Canada. We have supplemented our existing processes with further sanitization efforts in all of our facilities and vehicle transportation apparatus, while also implementing social distancing best practices within the workplace and in all customer interactions. We are also rolling out Touchless Delivery’ in all markets effective immediately.

No, we are happy to support social distancing efforts with 'Touchless Delivery'.

As of now, all currently scheduled deliveries are on schedule. Depending on government measures, some deliveries may be impacted. We'll reach out to those customers on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, all Clutch facilities are currently operational. Our facilities are following all of the recommended Health Canada protocols, plus frequently sanitizing all door handles, tables, chairs and vehicles. Your delivery experience at a Clutch facility will be 'touchless'.

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