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All cars are fully disinfected and sanitized before each touchpoint with our customers.

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Driving towards a sustainable future

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We work with Tree Canada to plant trees with every purchased vehicle.

Drive away knowing that you’re working towards cleaner air by choosing Clutch!

Protecting our planet one vehicle at a time

Every Clutch car sold equals three trees planted in CanadaEvery Clutch car sold equals three trees planted in Canada
A woman looks out at a mountainous, tree filled, landscape by a lake.

Making a positive impact in our communities

While our mission is to be your trusted source for great cars at great prices and to deliver a modern and delightful car-buying experience, we, at Clutch, also believe that it's our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Finding a way to fight climate change

While cars play an essential part in our daily lives - from commuting to work, driving our kids to school, to bringing us on our weekend adventures - they do impact the environment. These emissions, known as greenhouse gases, contribute to global climate change.

Cars on a city street lined with trees
An arborist with young trees ready to plant.

Our Clutch Commitment to a sustainable future

That's why, for every car we sell at Clutch, we pledge to make a Clutch Commitment to plant three trees in the region the car was sold. Trees help fight climate change by purifying the air and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Owning a car might be a necessity, but now it can be one that we feel better about.

A woman sits on her car admiring the green landscape
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Our Partner and our Reach

We’re proud to partner with Tree Canada, Canada’s only national non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments.